Real Estate Transactions: May 18–29, 2020



May 18, Richard C. Williams and Christine Williams sold 42 South Ridge Road to Caroline R. Flanders, trustee of 42 South Ridge Road Nominee Trust, for $1,789,125.

May 27, Criseyde S. Jones, a.k.a. Criseyde Stone Jones, sold a Quansoo Beach lot to Joshua R. Mangerson and Sarah J. Mangerson for $295,000.

May 29, Anne H. Rudner sold 3 Fulling Mill Road to Lori Pfingst, trustee of Tabula Rasa Nominee Trust, for $800,000.


May 19, Kenneth A. Leonard, Personal Representative of the estate of Lorraine Averill Leonard, Richard Marshall Jr., Personal Representative of the estate of Corrine A. Hatt and Richard A. Stone, sold 78 Chase Road to Elias Dos Reis for $4,570,000.

May 21, Mary H. Schmidt and Katherine Anderson Gray, Co-Personal Representatives of the estate of Edith M. Radley, sold 17 Dunham Road to Kingfish Dunham LLC for $8,580,000.

May 22, Jennifer T. Morgan sold 28 Jason Drive to Tim Rush, Mark Hess, Christine White, Maria Ventura, and Margaret Serpa, trustees of the Edgartown Affordable Housing Trust Fund, for $439,091.78.

May 22, Town of Edgartown sold 22 Sixth St. North and 18 Sixth St. North to Nancy Holt for $15,800.

May 29, Robert C. Strouse and Maria R. Mercuri sold 126 Litchfield Road to Cheryl L. Shaw Schnabel for $975,000.


May 28, Katherine E. Dennis and William L. Ackerman sold Lot 54-1 Broadway to Daniel S. Wiggin and Kimberly M. Wiggin for $150,000.


May 18, Barbara Keeling, a.k.a. Barbara Dean Keeling, sold 24 Locust Lane to Herbert W. Foote for $500.

May 28, Paulo Cesar Almeida Muniz and Adriana De Oliveira Khouri sold 82 Skiff Ave. to Susan Lemoie-Zarba and John Zarba for $760,000.

May 29, Jack A. Siggins and Maureen Sullivan sold Unit 10, 150 Cove Road to Mary K. Hochberg for $665,000.


May 28, Eliza Lewis, David C. Lewis, and Mia Lewis sold 135 Middle Point Road to Bufflehead Cove LLC for $1,105,000.