Tisbury: Open to simplicity and kindness


Heard on Main Street: Everyone seems normal until you get to know them.

I am sure that you don’t need to be warned that a close friend’s email may ask you for money or to buy an Amazon card. But several people have been emailed with that request, which is, of course, another scam. A simple phone call can save you. Call your friend first.

Thanks to the League of Women Voters, we now know that the town election is June 23. I think I already mailed in my ballot. The League understands that we need to know whom we are voting for. They introduce us so that we can make intelligent choices.

The League will present the Tisbury candidates at 7 pm next Monday, June 8. Each contested candidate will share information and answer questions. The discussion will be on Zoom and livestreamed on MVTV, channel 15, and available on demand prior to the town election on June 23.

I haven’t tried to visit any of the shops yet. I still feel as if it is a little dangerous to go out in public for any length of time. There is a good feeling when I drive my car, for a bit of fresh air as well as to just to keep its battery and brakes working. Many people along the way make me feel happy because they wave and smile — a small piece of that social contact we all miss so much. Zoom doesn’t really do it, though it does help somewhat.

I seem to have a new complaint every week. It is very difficult for me to pick up parcels at the Post Office, so I try to have shippers deliver to my home. Then Amazon offered a credit card, so I agreed. Of course the card was mailed to my home address, so I never got it. It was not possible to tell them it was the wrong address, or to say no when they said they’d send another one right away.

Chase Bank kept emailing me with instructions to autopay the card. So I decided to tell them that I never got the card. Their customer service simply said they couldn’t help, even though they have been sending all kinds of notices about how much they want me to contact them if I have any questions.

So now I think I can do without that card. A friend had warned me the card is solid black, which makes it all too easy to miss when it is returned and lying on the table. Perhaps I am better off without it.

My friends and neighbors are awfully good to me. After I had such a hard time reading the toothpaste last week, a friend sent me some individual packets. I had never even heard of such a thing. It is such a good feeling to realize someone cares enough to do that. We are so fortunate on this Island, as you often hear me say. It is a special comfort to realize how very true that is.

Now I am sad to say I have just tossed the last of the lovely lilacs making my home so wonderfully special this spring. I treasure the brief time while I enjoy the delicate fragrance of fresh lilac blooms. I had to take several deep breaths of that precious perfume before the last ones were gone.

Belated birthday greetings go out to Jo Ann Murphy. I didn’t know her birthday was May 26. This woman deserves all the plaudits we can offer. She not only was cookie chairman for the Girl Scouts for years, but also has been the primary support for so long for all Island veterans. She not only played “Taps” for my husband’s burial, but fired the salute as well. Jo Ann, I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I am delighted to add you to my list of birthdays to remember. And it is a pleasure to wish you the best of years ahead.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out to Josh Kochin today. Best wishes for a very happy day on Monday to Brian Flanders and James Gould-Lamont. And a special happy birthday on Monday to Laurel Mayhew, our wonderful daughter (who recently moved from Colorado to Connecticut to be nearer, but of course hasn’t been able even to visit). And more special birthday greetings for Wednesday to Claudia Nelson and Cody Chandler.

Heard on Main Street: Always remember that you’re unique. Just like everyone else.

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