Donate a dinner

Offshore Ale, with support from M.V. Bank, holds free meal event for hospital and hospice workers.


On Wednesday, June 3, Offshore Ale, in partnership with Donate a Meal MV, held a meal donation event for Martha’s Vineyard Hospital and Martha’s Vineyard Hospice workers. As with regular takeout from Offshore, the food pickup from this event was entirely curbside. Participants called or texted Offshore upon their arrival, and Offshore workers hustled their meal selections to the takeout window from inside. Offshore Ale received support from Martha’s Vineyard Bank to donate 70 meals to frontline workers. The restaurant also donated several meals on its own, independently of the program.

The pickup patio resembled a friendly gathering of socializing, mask-clad hospital workers, some still wearing scrubs from a long day on the job. Many greeted each other by name and chatted amiably about work and Offshore’s delicious dinner offerings. There was a fairly constant stream of healthcare workers from 4:30 onward, with the biggest rush right when the doors opened at the start of the event.

Deborah Dolliver, who works for Martha’s Vineyard Hospital and Martha’s Vineyard Hospice, has distributed posters and shared publicity about these events with her coworkers. Dolliver also lauded the meal donation program for its contributions both to frontline workers and local businesses. “The restaurants are getting paid for making these meals for healthcare workers. They’ve now added hospice and home health aides to the list [of recipients],” said Dolliver.

Phil McAndrews, owner of Offshore Ale, was satisfied with the turnout at the event. He also praised Martha’s Vineyard Bank for its support of the Island business community, alongside its support of frontline workers.

“The response we have gotten back so far from folks is good,” said McAndrews. “It was a good program, and I’m glad we got a chance to be involved.”

Martha’s Vineyard Bank’s Donate a Meal MV initiative does not end with this one event. To donate a meal in the future, you can visit and buy a Lift certificate for $25, $50, or $100. These certificates are redeemable in the form of meals for healthcare workers at the Barn Bowl & Bistro, Edgartown Pizza, Waterside, the Wharf Restaurant and Pub, Offshore Ale Co., and Art Cliff Diner. Any certificate purchasers will receive an email receipt of purchase, and their funds will be processed through the Martha’s Vineyard Bank Charitable Foundation.

Though the required face masks may have made communication at the takeout window a bit more difficult, it was still heartening to see a show of support for frontline healthcare workers.