Mother Nature has spoken — listen up!


To the Editor:

For the past 100 years, or so, we have been testing our human progress through technological strength against the mother of us all, Mother Nature. We’ve made immense strides in our push for speed in all things: for robotic skills, fast cars, and medical miracles, to name a few. We have progressed beyond our wildest dreams, and in the process we have put Mother Nature (MN) on a back burner, but she’s had it — even a pot on low comes to a boil eventually.

Like the women of our time (2020), MN demands to be heard, to air her grievances publicly, and to see action taken. Throughout history she has asked for this consideration; it’s not a new phenomenon that has been born in the COVID-19 era. Like all mothers, she has only asked to be treated with respect.

She began slowly, by making people ill from mustard gas, or blinding tests of atomic bombs; from poisons put in our food chain; chicken pox, rheumatic fever, and polio, which were also pandemics, but not named as such — they were all tests to see if we would cease our assault against her.

MN even twisted our thinking around by confronting our vanity, by letting us believe having a tan was an enhancement to our pasty white bodies, but we continued to insist black was not beautiful, it was not equal. It took George Floyd’s murder to shake us to the core, to have finally goaded us into acknowledging there was a problem white people failed to see over the centuries. No one listened to her as she pointedly upped the ante. 

And now here we are — do you hear her yet? Do you think we will continue to foist off our outdated military weapons onto our police forces to be used on local citizens? Will we continue to hire ex-military to wear the police force blue — those very people who are trained to kill, to not to listen to the mothers and fathers, the teenagers, or the children of the community?

The time is now to shrug off the slothfulness of all the decades lost. Let’s not just be angry, hold marches of protest, continue the unequal education, housing, and healthcare. It’s a small opportunity, a tiny window of time, in which MN has shown us a last chance to change our ways. Don’t let this opportunity slide from our grasp by going back to complacency, returning to that old normal. Normal is dead. Reinvent a new more equal world; it can be done if we work together. 

Just this once, do it for your Mother.

Wendy Arnell Brophy
Vineyard Haven