Poet’s Corner: More haikus from coronavirus pandemic time


Deadline was Friday
Saturday Sunday Monday
Will finish Tuesday

–Kate Feiffer

The streets are empty
No one playing on the beach
A new silent spring

–David Forbes

Masks masks everywhere
Are you smiling or frowning
I miss all the smiles

–Jill Freedberg

an ocean of tears won’t mind
if I add a few

–Michael Francis Oliviera

MV island dream
Requires two-week quarantine
Easily worth it.

–Mary Beth Norton

This week’s poets are all current or former year-round or seasonal Islanders. 

The Poet’s Corner is seeking haikus related to this era of coronavirus. The haiku is a short poem of just three lines, the first and third of which have five syllables; the middle line has seven. Send your work to Poet’s Corner facilitator Laura Roosevelt at ldroosevelt@gmail.com.