‘Reading Makes Cent$’ with Rockland Trust


Rockland Trust has announced its 12th annual “Reading Makes Cent$” program. The initiative encourages students to keep up with their summer reading by offering cash rewards for each book read between June 1 and August 31 this year.

Students can record their progress in a journal provided by Rockland Trust, alongside a brief description or drawing. Journals are available for download at rocklandtrust.com/readingmakescent$, or for drive-through pickup at your local Rockland Trust bank.

According to a press release from the bank, for each book read, participants can earn $2.50 toward a Rockland Trust savings account, with a maximum prize of $25. Any student living in a community serviced by Rockland Trust and entering grades 1 through 8 is eligible to participate in the program. Students must read at least four books in order to qualify.

The press release says that Rockland Trust contributed over $50,000 to more than 2,000 student participants in 2019. “Reading and financial literacy are incredibly valuable skills to have, so practicing them at any early age will help the next generation grow and flourish,” said Margaret McCarthy, senior vice president of retail administration.

Interested readers and a parent or guardian can visit rocklandtrust.com/readingmakescent$ for official rules and eligibility.