Real Estate Transactions: June 1–5, 2020



June 2, Mary Breslauer and Rebecca L. Haag sold Lot 39, 101 Old Farm Road, to Jed James Hastings and Joseph Ralph Solmonese for $1,450,000.

June 4, Kenneth R. Kaplan, and Johanne M. Kaplan, trustees of 15 High Meadow Road Realty Trust, sold 15 High Meadow Road to Katherine E. Megan and Edward R. Wanamaker for $550,000.

June 5, Livingston Taylor sold 21 Eliot Ave. to Robert Mandel, trustee of 190 Riverside Penthouse Trust, for $4,250,000.


June 1, Miller Unlimited Properties LLC sold 3 Seventh St. North to Joyce Norton-McCormick and Hugh P. McCormick for $575,000.

June 2, Sunset Estates LLC sold 7 Scrub Oak Drive to Cynthia G. Wansiewicz, trustee of Bankside Nominee Trust, for $4,526,000.

June 3, Joseph B. McPherson and Donna M. McPherson sold 49 South Summer St. to Frederick Alexander and Karen M. Klockner for $4,375,000.

June 4, John A. Rolls, individually and as Trustee of the John A. Rolls Qualified Personal Residence Trust and of the Betsy Rolls Ten (10) Year Qualified Personal Residence Trust and of the Betsy Rolls Twelve (12) Year Qualified Personal Residence Trust, and Betsy Rolls, individually, sold 10 Jacobs Neck Road to Michael A. Bass, trustee of Island Roses Trust, for $7,475,000.

June 4, Nancy F. Mazerall, trustee of Pease Point Way Realty Trust, sold 20 Pease Point Way, Unit 5, to John C. Llodra for $136,000.

June 5, Stephen A. Vancour sold 24 Herring Creek Road to Jo-Ann Resendes and Irene Marie Resendes for $93,700.


June 1, Donald N. Muckerheide, trustee of Muckerheide Realty Trust, sold 114 Dukes County Ave. to DC Studios LLC for $722,500.

June 1, David Richardson and Ellen M. Richardson sold 116 Dukes County Ave. to DC Studios LLC for $410,000.


June 1, Arthur J. Condliffe, individually and as trustee of Quawk Trust, sold 139 Hines Point Road to Paul Alexander and Evelyne Martial, trustees of the Paul Alexander Living Trust and the Evelyne Martial Living Trust, for $1,800,000.

June 4, Sandord Nadelstein and Sofya Nadelstein sold Unit IV-H 48 Sandpiper Lane to Caroline R. Flanders, trustee of 48 Sandpiper Lane Nominee Trust, for $1,249,000.