Tisbury: Stepping out into the world


Heard on Main Street: Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.

Welcome home to Johanna Roses Robichau. She is slowly recovering from a bad fall last winter. Happy to hear her back is improving, and also that Joe is well.

Suddenly we can return all those books checked out months ago from the Vineyard Haven library. I’m not ready to return those books. I decided to go back and read one over and found that I didn’t remember the story — so am enjoying it again. Maybe I will just renew — you know, check them all out again, so I can reread what I have without having to figure out how to return them. Or if I dare to borrow another one.

The libraries assure us that the books will be cleaned before being passed on. I am not at all sure how that is done. Perhaps just leaving them open to the air would help. Remember the days when library books smelled awful when they were returned by smokers?

Kids would enjoy the weekly email newsletter from the children’s librarian. Send the address to Emily at elapierre@clamsnet.org.

The smoke alarm started squeaking in the middle of the night. Why does it always go off about 3 in the morning? You wouldn’t believe how my mind was trying to determine what it was — but without actually waking up. It was almost a letdown when I finally woke up.

I wasn’t sure where to buy a 9-volt battery in today’s world. The impact of this whole situation is beginning to take a toll on me. Again, I must count my blessings. My neighbor not only had a battery, but replaced it as well. And he didn’t need to find the stool to do it.

On the positive side, I did have the test for COVID-19. I thought I was OK, and I was. The test doesn’t tell you whether you had it or not — just that right now, you are fine. I took that as reassurance that I have been doing something right. And all the others around me are being careful as well.

I was a little nervous about getting the test, and was very happy to have someone with me. The people doing the testing were so careful that it strongly reminded me to be very careful, then and now. The Island seems to be doing well, but the testing of everyone should clarify just how we are really doing now — before we begin to venture out among others. Of course, masks and six feet apart are still the best behavior.

My cousins in England express the same concerns that I feel about going back out into the world. When I see someone on Main Street, there seems no need for a mask when there are so few people. As frightening as it seems, we must hope more people will be shopping. So many of our shops offer products that entice us when we see them, so maybe things will improve for our local businesses.

Someone asked how I felt about stores and restaurants opening. I had to admit that it is hopeful but scary. As we emerge from our protective shells, we may wish we could carry them on our backs, as snails do. I am a little uneasy, but think I have to hope for the best. Wear a mask and be careful.

I was surprised that the Steamship schedule had some boats and times on the main page but was changed when I got to the day of sailing — at least on the day I was checking it. The regular ferry was running at 1:15, when the schedule said it was a freight boat. It seemed an unusual change to me. I imagine it makes no difference if I’m driving, though a walk-on passenger might be unhappy.

But at least the boats are running, which we weren’t too sure would continue. There seems no shortage of trucks on the roads. It is almost an explosion of multiples of the trucks in view a week ago. Guess that means we are into summertime mode. That will be a pleasant change. Not sure I want to go to the beach yet.

It feels as if nothing has changed. And it feels as if everything has.

Sunday, June 14, is Flag Day, which celebrates the anniversary of the date our nation selected our flag. I guess a picnic is out, but you could fly the flag. You could even sing happy birthday.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out on Sunday to Madeline Fisher. Happy birthday to J.B. Lamont, who celebrates his special day on Monday.

Heard on Main Street: “What do you take me for? Did you expect me to take off my mask on the first date?”

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