A dog, a doughnut, and a tradition


To the Editor:

Traditions. The Vineyard is about traditions, but some of those traditions will be interrupted this summer. However, some traditions are immutable — the bond between a man and his dog. One of my private traditions is my time near the Edgartown Lighthouse with my Labrador retriever, Finn. Many mornings, just after dawn, I will stop for the papers, coffee, and a doughnut, and then drive down North Water Street with Finn beside me. We park across from the lighthouse, and Finn’s nose twitches as he smells the sea and the doughnut. I read my papers and drink my coffee, and we share the doughnut. Finn wouldn’t have it any other way.

Then I attach his leash and we walk down to the lighthouse. The sun still rising, the boats leaving the harbor, and the gulls gliding toward the shore punctuate the start of a new day. I am a lucky man, and Finn is a lucky dog. Lucky to have each other.


Kevin R. Loughlin