A renewed appreciation of nature


To the Editor:

If there is one thing we might all agree on in this crazy time, it is that we Vineyarders have gained an even deeper appreciation for the Island’s extraordinary natural landscape. The woods, the beaches, and the fields have provided us with much-needed respites from the stresses of the past few months. And as they navigate homeschooling and social distancing, nature has also been a salvation for the Island children. They have been able to unplug by walking along the ocean, biking on a trail, kicking a soccer ball in the grass with a parent. More than ever, we all understand how lucky we are to get to have these green spaces as a refuge. 

So we would like to thank the Chilmark Community Preservation Committee (CPC) and the town of Chilmark for recognizing the value of these green spaces and voting to fund the Field Fund’s project to upgrade the Chilmark town field near the school, library, and community center, creating an even better, safer green space for the Island. Here’s to community and nature.


Mollie Doyle, Dardanella Slavin, and Rebekah Thomson

The Field Fund