Will West Tisbury return the favor?


To the Editor:

The town of West Tisbury is having its annual town meeting in the Tabernacle, for free, in Oak Bluffs because of the pandemic. What a fine example of a neighborly community. The town of West Tisbury also has exclusive beach policies at Lambert’s Cove Beach, a town park. Those policies say that the public, including the residents of the Campground, who are being so gracious, aren’t allowed there. 

I plan on being at the meeting an hour early to greet the citizens of West Tisbury. I would like to invite any or all of the citizens to have a neighborly conversation about their exclusive beach policies and how they feel that it is OK to have them. I promise a respectful conversation, and feel free to bring the deed, that is so often used as a defense. If no one wants to engage, silence is my validation, end beach apartheid.


Erik Albert
Oak Bluffs