Edgartown: Continue to stay safe


I’m finding myself without words today as I sit down and write. I have so many thoughts in my head these days with everything going on in the world, the good and the bad, and some days it’s hard to sift through it all and write. I’m really trying hard to focus on the good these days, though sometimes it seems hard to find. But it’s there. And it’s pretty amazing. It’s just overshadowed by so much craziness that it’s easy to miss it.

Congratulations to the Edgartown School eighth grade class and their families. You did it! You’ve all had one heck of a final year at the Edgartown School, but you have rolled with the punches and flourished. Your Recognition Day celebration and graduation were wildly different from usual, but still super-special in their own ways. Focus on the new, the exciting, the gifts that are wrapped up in the events of this year. Life will always have losses to face. And it is important to mourn those losses, big and small. But it is important to recognize the good as well.

I read a fabulous article on a webpage called Grown and Flown this week. Called

“Class of 2020, Your Community Showed Up for You in a George Bailey Moment,” written by Marlene Markoe-Boyd. She wrote about the parades and special events of this year, where the entire community gets behind our students just like they do for George Bailey in “It’s a Wonderful Life.” I’m probably partial to the article because I love that movie, and was dubbed “George Bailey” by a friend years ago, because I was always trying to leave Martha’s Vineyard but something always tied me here. But I digress. The author is right. Our Island community has stepped up for all of our graduates this year, and it is one of the reasons that I’m happy that I was George Bailey and stayed in the small community and raised my kids here. We are so lucky. If you want to read the article, the link is here: bit.ly/2ACiRNZ.

Happy birthday wishes go out this week to the one and only Ginny Carbon on June 15, Gayle Poggi on June 16, Halley Smith on June 17, Sara Poggi on June 19, and my fabulous and wonderful niece Gwen Gardner on June 20.

Not much more to share. I’m sure there is and I just can’t think of it. It’s Monday morning, I’m up against a deadline, and my computer broke. My brain won’t work. Ha-ha.
Have a good week. There are a lot of people here, so be careful. Wash hands. Wear masks. Wear masks and wash hands. And repeat. I have found myself slacking — just a bit — because I’m tired and worn out from all of this. But now isn’t the time to let our guard down. We’ve done a great job on M.V. keeping the numbers down. But now we have to be even more vigilant, because so many people are here and things are opening up. Use caution, and stay safe out there.

Be well and be kind.

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