Academic honors



Olivia Jacobs of Vineyard Haven, at Hamilton College.

James Reynolds of Edgartown, at Hamilton College.

Daniel Barnor of Oak Bluffs, at Southern Arkansas University.

Alexandra Barlett of Vineyard Haven, at Lasell University.


Dean’s list

James Norton of Vineyard Haven, at Emerson College.

Miles Thornton of Edgartown, at Emerson College.

Mary Morano of Oak Bluffs, at College of Charleston.

Erin Debettencourt of Oak Bluffs, at College of Charleston.

Connor Bettencourt of Vineyard Haven, at Curry College.

Alison Daigle of Edgartown, at Curry College.

Samantha Robinson of Vineyard Haven, at Curry College.


Honor society

Alison Daigle of Edgartown, the Alexander Graham Bell Honor Society, at Curry College.


Tisbury School recognition awards

Rodrigo Rico, grade 5, Jeffrey Goodale Memorial Award (independence, individuality, and humanitarianism).

Karla Robadel, grade 6, Dorothy Larkosh Roberts Memorial Award (perseverance, work ethic, resilience).

Louisiana White, grade 7, Rose Anthony Memorial Award (significant achievement in literary arts).

Samantha Caldwell and Gerry Kane, grade 8, Kerry Alley Humanitarian Award (community spirit, helping others).

Katie Ogden, grade 8, Eugene Baer Memorial Creative Arts Award (dedication to the arts, visual and performing).

Sophie Cutrer, grade 8, James Norton Technology Award (proficiency and initiative in technology), and Fred Glodis Memorial Science Award (achievement in the study of science).

Angelina Smith, grade 8, Maurice Bresnahan School Service Award (commitment to school service).

Julia Santos, grade 8, Golden Hammer Award, in Memory of Michael Ovios (interest and achievement in art, design, creativity and craftsmanship).

Joshua Pereira, grade 8, the Principal’s Award (significant positive representation of the school community).