Edgartown: Patience goes a long way


Time continues to fly at lightning speed. School officially ends this week, and summer break is here. It seems like the whole COVID-19 closure just started, but it’s been a little over three months. That just seems crazy to me. And it has been three months of A LOT of screen time for all of us, teachers and students alike, as we converted to remote learning. It hasn’t been easy for anyone. I give huge kudos to all my fellow teachers, our students, and their families for all of your efforts to teach and learn during this time. Parents have juggled jobs and kids and boredom, and so much more, while teachers learned new technology and new ways to reach and engage kids. And kids rolled with school closing suddenly, and learning via technology, which is definitely not easy. You’ve all done a great job, and deserve a break. With a little luck, we’ll be back in school in September and back to a more normal routine. Fingers crossed.

Happy birthday wishes go out this week to Doug Pease, on June 24, Jack O’Callaghan on June 25, and Helayne Cohen on June 27. And extra-special birthday wishes go out this week to my MUCH older brother, Bob Gardner, who celebrates on June 25. As he is newly, and probably only temporarily, retired, I’m guessing the day will bring golf and some sort of low-key-but-yummy dinner celebration. Enjoy your day, Gardner.

Happy 50th anniversary to Mary Jane and Phil Thielhelm. The Edgartown couple recently celebrated their special event with a safe and elegant dinner out. Congratulations to you both.

The Louisa Gould Gallery is holding a virtual art show to benefit the Island Food Pantry. The show runs through Friday, June 26. Gallery artists have created new works for this special “Benefit Island Food Pantry Art Show,” including Deborah T. Colter, John Holladay, Nancy Furino, Jack Yuen, Kate Huntington, Rick Fleury, Adair Peck, Frauke Klatt, Ellen Liman, and Christie Scheele. Up to 20 percent of the sales of this show will benefit the Island Food Pantry. The Island Food Pantry has great needs right now, serving food to more than 20 percent of the year-round community. You can also support the Island Food Pantry by purchasing a gift certificate in any amount. Ten percent of sales will benefit the Food Pantry. A $1 gift to the Food Pantry translates into $7 of food, so a $500 gift certificate includes a donation of $50, which will purchase $350 of food. Gift certificates can be used for any original artwork, and any Louisa Gould photography services. The link to the art show is here: louisagould.com/gallery/exhibitions.

There will be a free yoga class for nine lucky people each week on Tuesday evenings at the Village Green, beginning on June 30 at 6 pm. Instructors from lululemon M.V. will lead students in beginning- to intermediate-level classes in the Vineyard Trust’s shady historic park in downtown Edgartown. Don’t forget your yoga mat, a bottle of cold water, and your face covering. Space is limited. Preregistration is required. Contact cmacsuga@lululemon.com to save your spot.

The Amity Island Running Club has begun its in-person Thirsty Thursday runs again. Join them every Thursday for a run (or walk). Runners will leave State Beach at the Bend in the Road at 5:30 pm. You choose your distance and pace. Please bring a face mask/covering and a beach chair for afterward. Everyone is welcome. It’s a fun group of people, with many regulars and frequent one-run-only participants.

We got to “see” our students one last time this morning before they head off to summer. The school staff lined up in front of the building as we always do on the last day — with masks and socially distanced, of course — and waved to the kids and families as they drove past us. Honestly, I was surprised by how many families took the time to come say goodbye to us. So many even made signs. It was so great to see all the faces again after all these months. I hope everyone has a safe and healthy and fun summer. We’ll see you one way or another come September.

I am learning many things since my illness this winter, one of which is that having an adult daughter is a gift. Unfortunately, I have some leftover issues that I struggle with, one of which is that I struggle with language. Reading is a challenge. I can still read, but I don’t understand it as easily as I used to. Finishing up my last two graduate courses is proving to be very challenging, as I have to read a lot of the information three or four times just to kind of understand it. And I forget a lot of words, so if we’re ever talking, I may stumble over or forget words. It’s like there are holes in my brain. Amelia happened upon me during one of these moments earlier tonight, and talked me through the frustration. The tables have turned, and my girl is now helping me. How lucky am I to have such a gift in my life?

So with all that said, I leave you this week with the reminder to be patient and kind with everyone, because we’re all battling our own demons, and it may not be visible from where you sit. Spread kindness around like confetti, because we need a whole lot more of that in this world.

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