Tisbury: One step at a time


Heard on Main Street: Never test the depth of the water with both feet.

Tisbury voters are to be commended for their splendid turnout for the town meeting. Was it just that everyone needed to get out in the lovely weather? Or was it the daytime hour? Perhaps the town should consider meeting outside more often.

I think it is a shame that the town governing board has lost the title of “Tisbury board of selectmen.” It is similar to calling a chairman a chair. Everyone knows that a chair is simply an empty piece of furniture.

Women have already proved they are very effective serving as selectman or chairman. The new terms discard the history and the relevance of the position. The select board sounds more like people who want to be special and to choose only themselves.

It must be June! You cannot imagine my delight when I received a scrumptious surprise last Saturday. Kenny Ivory delivered the most delicious strawberry shortcake, with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. The warmth of the sunshine made it such a pleasure to enjoy this wonderful treat.

The Vineyard Haven library book lending is working well. It is such a privilege to be able to borrow new or old books, and to enjoy them at home. I find it hard not to be able to peruse the shelves and select something new that sounds good. And I used to enjoy the library workers recommending some books for us to consider. I’d much rather see a movie at the theater or on my TV, rather than trying to get it through my computer.

I can’t say that I much like Zoom either, and I know that it does not like me. I take it personally whenever it doesn’t work for me. But that is often the best choice to see our family and friends now. With Zoom we can sort of gather for fun, attend church, and simply be together.

Our shops are open, with limited access. The Louisa Gould Gallery has some delightful jewelry and art, and can accommodate 15 people, wearing masks, of course. Many shops have curbside delivery, and ship across the world. Support our local businesses.

It seems that it might be fun to enjoy restaurant meals outside. I am still not sure I am likely to want to dine inside with strangers anytime soon.

I had a brief visit from my son a few weeks ago. That was wonderful. An empty house is very lonely when you are used to having someone with you and your outside contacts are so reduced.

Now my daughter is coming from Connecticut, and plans to visit for a few days. After all, she says they moved from Colorado to be closer. We haven’t seen each other for several months, so this visit will be a pleasure for both of us.

I also hope she will be bringing a few things I haven’t been able to find on the Island. That will make life a little happier for both of us. But there is no better gift for a mother than a visit from her child.

People all seem to be more comfortable as restrictions begin to ease. Perhaps too much so. You see more groups on our streets with no masks. I think that folks who don’t wear a mask are showing that they don’t care about the rest of us. It is likely masks will be less easy to put up with as the summer heats up. It still is hard to believe that it is really summertime.

Happy anniversary to Robert and Juliana Rogers on Wednesday.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go to Jack O’Callaghan. Tomorrow, wish the best to Nancy Cryer. Best wishes for a very happy year to Leslie Craven. I miss you!

I fully expect that on Sunday, there will be a cake-related celebration for Emma Kristal. Tuesday is Lynne Benson’s special day. Special thanks with birthday balloon wishes go to Kenny Ivory on Wednesday.

Heard on Main Street: There are two theories about arguing with women. Neither one works.

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