Martha’s Vineyard Hospital has no new cases

The hospital reported its 37th case of COVID-19 on Monday. — Lexi Pline.

Confirmed cases on the Island held steady at 33 Friday.

In total the hospital has tested 1,532 patients. Of those 28 have tested positive, 1,480 negatives, and 24 tests pending. It’s been four weeks since the hospital reported a new positive case. There are currently no hospitalizations for COVID-19 at the hospital, but the hospital previously transferred three patients with COVID-19 off-Island for treatment.

On Friday, Island Health Care (IHC), which tests asymptomatic individuals, reported that in total it had tested 2,023 patients with three positives, 1,743 negatives, and 277 pending results.

The town of Aquinnah is also conducting self administered saliva tests. So far 15 people have been tested. None have come back positive, 10 are negative, and five are pending results.

Test kits are provided by the Aquinnah board of health. They are available for pick up at the board of health office window at the Aquinnah Town Hall. The test can be taken at home and mailed to a lab for testing.

Of the Island’s 33 cases, 29 are no longer symptomatic and all positive cases confirmed before June 6 are no longer symptomatic and have been released from isolation, according to a report from the Martha’s Vineyard boards of health. There is one exception, a case that the boards of health have been unable to contact. Two cases confirmed last week are still being monitored by public health officials.

The boards of health have separately reported two confirmed cases, bringing the Island’s total to 33. The boards of health have also linked 19 cases to another case. In all there are seven separate household groups where the boards of health could link positive cases.

The 33 cases are the total COVID-19 cases reported by Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, Island Health Care (IHC), and the boards of health.

Of the 33 cases, 20 are female, and 13 are male. Nine of the cases are aged 50-59 years old, seven cases are 60-69 years old, seven are 20-29 years old, four are 30-39 years old, two are 20 years old or younger, two are 40-49, and two are 70 years or older.

The boards of health have also started reporting on probable cases. On Tuesday, the Island’s total number of presumed positive cases rose to 16, of which 13 were positive antibody tests, and three were symptomatically positive.

Of those, nine are female and seven are male. The boards of health did not specify the gender of the newly reported positive antibody test on Tuesday. Of the 16 presumed positive cases, four are aged 60-69, four are aged 50-59, three are aged 40-49, two are aged 20-29, two are under 20 years old, and one is over the age of 70, and one has not been specified.

At the state level, confirmed cases, deaths, and hospitalizations continue to trend downward. On Friday, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health reported 233 new cases with 50 new deaths, which includes probable cases and deaths. In total, there have been 108,070 confirmed cases and 8,013 deaths across the state.
The state is also keeping track of antibody tests. There were 1,506 new antibody tests Friday. In total, 68,259 individuals have been tested for antibodies.

There are currently 791 people hospitalized with COVID-19.