Peaceful demonstration planned for July 4


The M.V. Peace Council, M.V. Quaker meeting, and Indivisible M.V. are all sponsoring a Silent Witness for Peace and Justice on July 4 in Edgartown at Cannonball Park from 10 to 11:30 am. 

The groups have invited anyone interested to join them to hold peace flags with positive messages of justice and liberty. The groups will stand in silence surrounding the park to serve as a visual catalyst for the community, and to work toward healing bias and violence. 

All participants must wear masks and observe appropriate distancing. Parking will be available at Edgartown School. Flag-making materials and directions will be available on the porch at 25 Tuckernuck Ave. in Oak Bluffs, and at the event.


  • Are they planning on burning the town down ? perhaps we should call in the national guard to stop these Antifa terrorist from taking away our guns and killing our babies –priority in that order.
    I personally don’t think this is a problem, but I am just chiming in on Andrew’s behalf, as he might be too busy flying around the country on “clandestine” business to comment himself. Since he knows everything I think, and often lets everyone else know what I think I am sure I know everything Andrew thinks and I am doing him a favor by expressing his opinion here–After all , Andrew and I have been “best buds” for years so I can speak for him . Your welcome, Andrew, I am happy to be your spokesperson. And just in case anyone thinks we have not been good buddies for years;

    • Thanks for the link, Don. According to the Times, Andrew sold his house here a while ago. Aside from it not looking like the house of a “multi-millionaire”, it seems your best bud isn’t here at all, even part-time. Is this true, Andrew? Are your ties to the island so severed that all you have left is commenting here about our schools, our hospital, and even our vigils, rallies, and SSA worries? PS- it’s a sign of low moral character to weasel out of a debt. PPS- I just asked Andrew if something was true. I must be losing it.

      MADA. Make America Decent Again. Go with Joe, not the schmo. Justice and liberty for all Americans.

      • So Andy doesn’t even live here?
        Must be why he hasn’t paid Don.
        I wonder if he knows about the US Postal Service. I hear that if you put something in an envelope, put a stamp on it and drop it off at one of their many branch offices, they’ll deliver it anywhere in the world.
        I bet they’d even deliver Andy’s check to Don…

    • Thank you for the link, supports that environment does not always drive politics. Still leaves me the justification for my sister’s views, maybe DNA from a grandparent.

      Just got the crazy idea to drag Dad out to the Vineyard, side trip to Forever Wild. He’d likely decline given the required period as SSA passenger, social distancing on the boat and the Island. And they were on Island as recent as 2007. Great idea but for the virus.

  • Dam Don you had me on the edge there for a split second with your beginning words.😂

  • George Orwell said that those who advocate violence are always those who are far away from where the bullet are flying.

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