Waterside work done for season in Woods Hole

Jay Cashman Inc. has finished up work on slips in Woods Hole for the season. - George Brennan

Marine construction has ended for the season at the Steamship Authority terminal in Woods Hole. The Jay Cashman Inc. crane barge departed Friday. Thus far, two new slips have been built, according to SSA spokesman Sean Driscoll. The third is expected to be finished in 2021. 

Cashman remains busy with landside work, and several things were accomplished over the past week.  

“Cashman’s landside crew worked on the transfer bridge details, and on installing ladders on the sheet pile bulkhead,” according to a bulletin from Woods Hole project manager Bill Cloutier. “The electricians worked on power and communication for the site. They installed the fiber-optic cable to the ticket booth, and pulled wire for the strobe light. United Stone finished their work on the pavers for the passenger platform. Lawrence Lynch completed [a] finished course of pavement for the work site.”

Railings are expected to be installed this week, Cloutier reported. 

“Electricians will continue with the electrical work for the site lighting, and make the final electrical connections to get the slip operational,” he wrote. “Lawrence Lynch Corp. will be installing the traffic bollards.”

The two new slips and the old slip at the terminal will all be operational for the season, Driscoll noted.