Old Sculpin Gallery celebrates ‘Jaws’


The Old Sculpin Gallery, home to the Martha’s Vineyard Art Association (MVAA), will hold a “Jaws” show in honor of the movie’s 45th anniversary.

The show will feature present-day paintings of the Island, created by gallery members. Each painting will be placed beside a photograph of that same location as part of the “Jaws” movie set.

The show takes place from July 4 to July 10, a fun coincidence, according to MVAA co-president Meg Mercier. “That was the exact time period of the Amity Regatta that everyone was coming into town for, when they had to close down the beaches,” Mercier said of the film.

“Quint’s Shack,” as featured in “Jaws,” will be highlighted at the gallery. According to Mercier, Old Sculpin Gallery was the iconic building’s primary inspiration. “We didn’t even realize it at first,” Mercier said. “When the first ‘Jaws’ show started, people would come by here, and then we started reading about it.”

According to Mercier, “Jaws” production designer Joe Alves visited many locations while seeking shooting spots for the film. He settled on Martha’s Vineyard, even after “Jaws” author Peter Benchley expressed that there was no reason to consider the Island in their search.

“It was really Menemsha and Edgartown that completely sold [Alves]. There was a perfect empty lot in Menemsha to build Quint’s Shack. While he was out scouting, he saw the Old Sculpin, and realized that was the design he wanted to use — that very unique design,” Mercier said.

The Old Sculpin Gallery is located at 58 Dock St. in Edgartown. For more information on the gallery, visit the website at oldsculpingallery.org.