M.V. Mediation program waives fees


The board of directors of Martha’s Vineyard Mediation Program has created a solidarity fund to waive client fees for the remainder of the year. “This is a hard time for everyone, and we want to make sure that members of the community can make use of our services, without worrying about their ability to pay,” said Sara Barnes, M.V. Mediation executive director. M.V. Mediation has a generous sliding-fee scale, based on income, but decided that these fees might be too costly for some under the current circumstances. As of June, $4,000 worth of services to clients in more than two dozen mediation sessions or conflict coaching consultations have been waived. Donations to the organization are welcome to help to extend the waiver policy.

All of M.V. Mediation’s services are confidential, including mediations, family, and divorce services, conflict coaching, and financial conflict coaching. Many of the services offered by M.V. Mediation have been found to be particularly useful during these challenging times.

Financial conflict coaching allows the client to work with a coach and leave with a self-determined plan for a new approach to their financial situation and the tools to resolve or avoid financial conflict. Organizations can schedule video conference workshops about this service. 

Conflict coaching is a process that takes place over two one-hour sessions. The client builds a step-by-step plan, and develops a new conflict resolution toolbox, improving their approach to future or present conflicts. The client leaves with a realistic plan. 

The parent mediation program provides free mediation sessions with a qualified, neutral family mediator in order to negotiate or revise parenting plans, child support, visitation, or family communication systems. M.V. Mediation offers divorce or healthy separation mediations.