Station Menemsha helps search for lost boater


On Tuesday Station Menemsha deployed a motor lifeboat after Dartmouth Police reported an overdue boater. 

“This man was in a 18′ Carolina Skiff and was supposed to be back by [8am], but as time passed and he did not check in, his wife called the local police,” Petty Officer Ryan Noel told The Times. 

Joined by the Buzzards Bay Task Force, Menemsha Coasties searched the vicinity of the Slocum River for the boater. Eventually the missing boater’s skiff was found ashore near Barney’s Joy Point, according to Noel and Senior Chief Justin Longval, Officer in Charge of Station Memensha. 

A Jayhawk helicopter crew that joined the search from Air Station Cape Cod eventually found the boater, Longval said. The helicopter crew was then able to “vector in” task force elements. 

“At 2:30pm, the man had been recovered by the Buzzards Bay Task Force and was unresponsive,” Noel wrote. “The man was not wearing a PFD [Personal Flotation Device]. 

Coast Guard tweets identified the boater 76-year-old Robert Griffith. Southcoast Today reported Griffith was from South Dartmouth and that he was deceased.


  1. A man lost his life, ajay, and his family or loved ones might read this article. Have you no sense of decency?

    • My comment was to the author, not the bereaved family.
      They thought of him a a fisherman not a boater.

  2. My condolences to those who are grieving Mr. Griffith’s passing. My gratitude to CG Station Menemsha for assisting in the recovery effort, and for the work they do every day.

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