Through an artist’s eyes


Artist Dick Iacovello has a terrific eye for color and form, and his latest pieces demonstrate his expertise. Iacovello celebrated his 82nd birthday last Sunday, still walks at least five miles a day, and still starts his day with coffee from Mocha Mott’s. The Vineyard Haven coffee shop’s location hosts an exhibit of some of his newer pieces through the end of July.

He said he’s been working in abstracts for a long time now, and that his recent cataract surgery meant that he relied on that genre even more.

“You don’t have to concentrate on it as much,” Iacovello told the Times in a weekend phone call. “It’s more freeflow, rather than trying to do something specific and objective.”

With eye medication applied twice a day for eight weeks, the artist could only work on projects intermittently. He said the surgery has made a significant impact on the way he sees color now.

“The colors are different,” he says; “the blues came back about four shades brighter, the reds remain the same but more vivid, and all the other colors were enhanced.”

Most of the pieces hanging at Mocha Mott’s are smaller, although he does sell large pieces as well. Iacovello says he’s been using a freepour technique lately, mixing silicone into the paint and not using a brush at all.

“There are many different people who have a lot of color sense but they can’t draw a stitch, and they’re coming up with some beautiful pieces,” Iacovello said.

His latest work features some of his almost psychedelic designs, with bright blues, purples, and reds, along with a rendering of Deborah Harry he titles simply, “Blondie.” There’s also a large, pitch-perfect capture of Clough Lane with the pear trees in full bloom.

Dick Iocavello’s paintings at Mocha Mott’s, Main Street, Vineyard Haven, through August 1. Check out his Facebook page to find out more about the artist.