Aquinnah: Outdoor market and dining

— Kyra Steck

Rest in peace to John Lewis and the Rev. C.T. Vivian, who both fought tirelessly against racism and oppression in America for decades. They died on the same day. While the work they did is not finished, their part in it is complete. They clearly have done enough. Thank you both, for teaching us about the true meaning of justice and liberation (hint, they will never be handed over without a fight). It’s up to us now to continue their work.

A friendly reminder that even though we can’t go to restaurants in the way we are used to, our local eateries have made changes so that we can order takeout or eat outside in safety. The Aquinnah Shop is doing takeout, and you can eat it on their deck. The Outermost Inn is doing some distanced indoor dining and seating outside. The Orange Peel Bakery Café will be doing some pop-ups throughout the summer. Chilmark Tavern is doing takeout, and next week will be open Thursday through Tuesday nights. Please support our local businesses if you can.

Juli Vanderhoop celebrated her birthday last Saturday with a small group of friends and family. There was an incredible dinner of lobsters, salads, and grilled veggies followed up with a chocolate majesty cake from the Black Dog (even though she’s an expert baker, Juli is not expected to bake her own birthday cake). There was an extremely competitive game of cornhole, with Anja May coming in hot and beating many of the younger folk. Juli’s son, Emerson, is here for the summer as he plans his next move. Juli’s daughter, Ella, was here with her roommates from NYC. One of them, Chaerin Ahn, who went to the School of Visual Arts with Ella, made some beautiful new shirts for the Orange Peel Bakery, so check them out next time you’re there. Juli is still doing an outdoor market with grocery staples along with the bakery. She did also do a pop-up lunch at her café at the Cliffs, and there may be another one. She is putting a hold on pizza days, as she doesn’t have the staff to cover it right now.

Happy late birthday to Jed Smith, who celebrated his birthday on the beach this past Sunday. There are so many birthdays in Aquinnah this week that if we didn’t all have to physically distance ourselves from one another right now, I would suggest a big party to celebrate all these wonderful Leo humans. Just know I am sending you love from afar. Happy birthday to Hughie Taylor and Nicole DerManelian (Friday), Berta Welch (Saturday), Joanie LeLacheur (Sunday), Michael Sellitti (Tuesday), and Hollis Smith (Wednesday).

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