Care and compassion


To the Editor:

On Friday, July 17, 2020, our 14-year-old German Shepherd, Sasha, took a sudden turn for the worse. She was clearly suffering and needed to be put down, something we had been anticipating but not expecting during our stay on the Island. We were referred to the vet-on-call. On a busy Friday in mid-July, we did not know what to expect. However, Dr. Steven Atwood at Animal Health Care Associates was absolutely terrific. He and his assistant came to our car and sedated Sasha so that she would not be traumatized, and so that we could say goodbye before she was taken inside. The care and compassion shown to us and to our beloved dog represent the very best of the Vineyard. Sasha loved our home here, and spent her last few days off leash and under a bush. We are very grateful.

Connie and Bob Brinckerhoff
Oak Bluffs

Peterborough, N.H.


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