Dreams come true

Annual Possible Dreams auction is a virtual success.

The controls from the perspective of Barbara Bellissimo, MVCS Director of Development and Communications, during the live stream. From L to R (top to bottom): Martha McNally, Possible Dreams co-chair; Rubin Cronig, Possible Dreams co-chair; film crew at MVTV; Sherry Truhlar of Red Apple Auctions; and Seth Meyers. — Courtesy M.V. Community Services

The Martha’s Vineyard Community Services (MVCS) annual Possible Dreams auction went off without a hitch on Sunday night. Mary Korba, communications manager for MVCS, said that despite the change to an online format, the auction, hosted by Seth Meyers, was an unequivocal success.

“Last night we made history with the first virtual Possible Dreams auction, which was really exciting. We were confident it would go well, given all the time and team effort put in, and we were definitely pleased with the outcome,” said Korba.

Korba spoke to the wide range of participants in the auction, not just limited to those on-Island. “There were 309 people who attended the livestream event, representing 20 states across the U.S. and also Canada. It was cool to see how we were able to broaden our reach using a virtual platform.”

Another 72 people have watched a recording of the event since the auction. The total revenue as of July 29 is $362,664, and includes $116,000 in sponsorships, $46,500 for the license plate MV1, $58,500 for the Dreams of Summer, $34,150 in the online auction (the largest ever for MVCS), $105,420 in donations (again, the largest ever for MVCS), and $2,094 in program book ad sales.

Korba shared that though a big-ticket item did close during the auction, there were still items up for grabs in the days following. “The big-ticket item, which, out of the 10 live dreams, was the only one that closed, was MV1,” said Korba, referencing the auctioned-off license plate number of MV1. Bidding on these items closed at 9 pm Tuesday, July 28.

“Our largest annual fundraiser, Possible Dreams, plays a really important role in supporting Community Services’ large range of programs and services. Every bid really offers a chance to have a lasting impact on our community,” said Korba. “Together, virtually, anything is possible.”

Korba thanked those involved, including Meyers, for their work to carry off the successful auction this year, despite the change in circumstances.

“A huge thank-you to our generous donors, sponsors, volunteers, our host Seth Meyers, who added some really needed levity to the event,” said Korba. “He and the auctioneer for the event, Sherry Truhlar, bounced off each other well. It was fun to see them engage and it all unfold.”

“By virtue of Seth being associated with the event, he helped us really broaden our reach well beyond the Island. We’re so grateful for his support of our work, and the commitment he’s made to give back to the Island community,” said Korba.