Poet’s Corner


What am I
By Valerie Sonnenthal

I am the sun on the water’s surface
a thin layer of warmth fading with day
a first memory growing in a warm liquid world

I am sky holding changing colors
a palette of pastel hues flickering
in the periphery of days and nights

I am a forgotten song once hummed
between inside and outside worlds or
a morning chorus of feathered friends

I am held by the breeze
breathing through my skin
under a canopy of leaves of green

I am the black moon
a new moon signaling beginning
a cycle of powerful moments in time

a time to listen to reflect
be present patient and muster fortitude
a small drop in the pool of humanity

Valerie Sonnenthal washed ashore in 2005, contributes to The MV Times, is a member of the Cleaveland House Poets, and owns Peaked Hill Studio, offering Sound Healing and Kaiut Yoga. She lives year-round in Chilmark with her husband and two rescue dogs.

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