Michelle Obama for VP


To the Editor:

I’m an Australian living between Singapore and Palm Springs, Calif. Loved the U.S. since I was a kid. And like many others of my generation, wanted everything that was American. What has happened in the past 3½ years to the greatest country on earth is a tragedy. David Rintels is right. For the USA to again become what it once was, Michelle Obama must reconsider and join the ticket as Joe Biden’s running mate.

Take a look at the millions who follow her on all platforms of social networks. Probably more than any other person of distinction anywhere in the world. Her TV appearances have audiences applauding for minutes, not seconds, after being introduced.

There is no one with that much clout who can ensure a win for the Democrats.

Joe can’t win without Michelle Obama by his side.

From an outsider looking in, those are my sentiments. Hopefully, for the sake of America, she will change her mind.

To better days ahead.

Anthony Gaha
Singapore and Palm Springs, CA


  1. Mr Gaha I have the exact opposite view that you have. I lived in Australia as a displaced person refugee in migrant detention camps like what is being shown in the Netflix program ”Stateless”. I yearned for the US and the US gave me wonderful opportunities that Australia never could in those days. The US has changed over the last 50 years not due to Trump in 3.5 years but due to secular humanism. Michelle Obama will help Biden win but it wont make the country better. I lived in Singapore when one could be stopped for long hair or chewing gum and canned for minor transgressions. It is the cleanest place in the world but its Human Rights and Freedom of Expression has languished. Singapore doesnt have enough and we have too much. Australia has changed for the better and the US has changed for the worse.

    • I think you both raise interesting points, and the best course of action in this instance may be a compromise. Perhaps it would do the most good if we could send Madam Obama to Singapore.

    • Andy, how come every time someone mentions another country, you claim to have lived there?

        • I don’t know Andy. We all know your claims are dubious at best. I don’t believe you’ve ever said “visited”. It’s always “lived” In your comment above you claim to have lived in both Australia and Singapore. That’s 2 of 11 right there….

          • Fielding. Australia 49 to 58. Iran 67-69, Venezuela 84-87. Indonesia 70-71. Singapore 71-73. Malaysia 73-75. Hong Kong 75-78. Canada 87-90.Germany 47-49. LatviaSSR 44-46. USA 58-67 and on. I cant list the 124 visited–too many. Would you like to take a 1000 dollar bet open ended?

          • Andy, what do you plan on using as proof for your claims of living in 12 countries and visiting 124?
            You’ve proven numerous times that your word can’t be trusted.
            And your behavior of not accepting your lose to Don should be fair warning to any reasonable person that no one should ever bet with you. Or do anything with you where some kind of score is kept.
            In short, I don’t trust you enough to bet with you…

    • Andrew, what country were you displaced from?
      Were you a citizen of the country your were displaced from?
      How long were housed in a migrant camp?
      Were you trying to immigrate to Australia?
      Did you have a visa?
      How did you manage escape the migrant camp and get the land of the free and the home of the brave?
      Are you now trying to get a visa for Australia so that you can escape the dump that America has become?
      Spin us all all good yarn.

  2. Singapore and Palm Springs?
    Does this guy have any connections to the island or did he just gang send this letter to every paper in the States?

  3. What, pray tell, qualifications does Michelle Obama bring to the table other than being lucky enough to have been married to a mediocre, at best, president?

    • bs– let’s just get one thing straight here– Biden is not going to pick Michelle. Just because someone writes a letter dreaming about something doesn’t mean it’s worth talking about.

    • Something that our current President does not have, a degree in law of any kind not mention the top law school in the nation.
      The very same law school attended by the majority of our Supreme Court Judges.

    • You have identified the problem.
      We the People have a fantasy that We Have Power.
      Kind of sad, really.
      What is the solution?

  4. dondondon, I was on a waiting list that took 9 years. My mother 6 years and my sister and me 3 more years. Yes they separated us from my single Mother. They didnt kick me out we wanted to get out. No opportunities in those days. Girls became secretaries at age 15 and 9th grade and boys made it to 12th grade and that was it. Only blue bloods went to the one University at the time and I wasnt a blue blood.

    • “…my single mother”

      At least we know where your rants on “fatherless” homes comes from. No wonder you joined a cult that worships an invisible father figure.

  5. Fielding Mellish, I am not going to prove anything to you. I dont need to. If you would like to give me your email, I will gladly send you my history and resume. It will have a wax seal and date stamped and notarized. Even dondondon who thinks I lie to him will I think attest to my background.

    • Fielding– I don’t think Andrew lies to me, I know he does. I have certifiable lies that I have caught him on , and have it in writing– come on ,”Chance” make me prove it…
      He and I had a long history of e mail exchanges– some quite amiable and productive. Some downright nasty. He has blocked me from sending anything to him.
      I know that he has claimed that he has lived in many places, while getting rich spreading poison around the globe.
      I have no reason to doubt he has lived in all those places, but I certainly could not “attest” to any of his claims. I think it would be great for you to get Andrew’s resume., since he is offering. It would be fun reading on this site.

  6. After many a year of reading andrew’s nonsensical comments, it is obvious that not one thing he writes can be taken for the truth.

  7. After all his claims and the counter counterclaims you would think that Andrew would just go ahead and post his verifiable CV.
    If he has one.

  8. I have great respect for Michelle Obama. However, she is not a candidate for VP and won’t be chosen. Judging by the discourse here, publishing this letter is more about ginning up posts. As a paid up subscriber, I find it not worthy.

  9. This individual wrote a letter to the paper expressing an aspirational hope for Ms. Obama to be considered as a VP. Some of us may have positive feelings about this concept, others may have a “No thank you” sentiment. That’s democracy and freedom of thought. It’s a pipe dream, as Ms. Obama has expressed no interest in the job. That said, she is also a neighbor and hopefully throughout this thread the community will extend the courtesy owed any member of our community. The usual pack of barking dogs railing about bets and comment veracity non-withstanding, that seems to be the case.

    • Glad to see the mood improvement, Wes. These sanctimonious lectures are so much better than sexist name-calling.

      • Jackie, you have long since relinquished the right to have your opinions taken seriously, your approval or disapproval is meaningless. If I found you more intelligent I might be curious what you found sanctimonious about calling for civility towards a neighbor, but as things stand, it’s not worth the time

        • And yet, here you are again, taking the time to write a replying paragraph, only to say I’m not worth the time. This is the same as someone posting a comment that says they don’t post comments anymore (because of me). Is this an example of you being civil, Wes, because I’m not feeling it.

        • “Jackie, you have long since relinquished the right to have your opinions taken seriously, your approval or disapproval is meaningless.”

          Truthful, succinct and deserved response to an off-based comment. A keeper. Let the kids see the nasty comment. A+



          • A random of view of who has “relinquished the right to…” is how privileged white and misogynistic and racist and homophobic Christian men in this country have always entitled themselves. Imagine the times when sanctimonious know-it-alls actually DO get to determine such things by law: who has a right and to whatever– simply based on their bigoted views, in this case, a female saying things they don’t like or agree with. Barrel and Wes have decided, between them as judge, jury, and executioners, that I have forfeited all my rights “to be taken seriously”. Rather than discuss their own point of view that disagrees so vehemently with mine, they simply have decreed me as invalid. This is the definition of misogyny. It is systemic with these two.

  10. FYI, barrel and Wes, privileged white guys no longer get to determine whose opinions are taken seriously. But nice try.

  11. In another 20 years we will be a minority, let us enjoy being on top for the little time we have left.

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