Poet’s Corner


By Laura D. Roosevelt

Dark, sweet chocolate — damned confection!
Always, you’re my cursed selection.
As for pears, or grapes, or melon:
I don’t want what they are sellin’.
Cocoa, you beckon me, compellin’
Me in the fattening direction.

On Blubber’s Lane, you’re the Rolls Royce.
I try to abstain; you silence my voice.
All that it takes to awaken saliva
Is the name “Ghirardelli” — or better, “Godiva.”
No diet should ever try to deprive a
sweet tooth of her substance of choice.

Laura D. Roosevelt is a West Tisbury poet and writer. She curates the Poets Corner, and encourages other poets to submit their work to her at ldroosevelt@gmail.com.