I want to come back to the FARM next year


To the Editor:

My name is Brandon Barua. I am 10 years old and in the fifth grade, and I have come to talk to you about writing an article to save the FARM Institute. The FARM Institute has a great program during the summer. In this program you can learn some very important lessons for life. How to respect nature and animals. You can learn how to cook simple, delicious meals for the whole family.

You learn how to grow food and raise animals. I have learned many things from this program. I have learned how to make zucchini pizza and take care of animals. Lily Robbins, the camp director and education manager, is a great person to have at the farm. She’s always hands-on and ready to help creatures big and small. The counselors are fantastic and kind, and are always helping.

The farmer Olivia is always working hard to take care of all the animals. I love that everything that you purchase from the farm is fresh. And you can’t get fresh eggs from the grocery store. The farm teaches children how to be one with nature and respect all living things. You can’t get that at many camps. I would love to come back next year. 

I would really like it if you can at least try to save the farm. Thank you for taking the time to read my email.


Brandon Barua
New Canaan, Conn.