Poet’s Corner


I am
By Ellie Bates

I am the bright orange butterfly weed
I survive with the poison ivy in sandy soil
I am a place of rest and nourishment
for the monarch’s long journey

I am brown spikes of wheat grass
uncultivated, rich with tiny seeds
strong and steady I withstand fierce winds
or bow gracefully to a gentle breeze

I am red rose hips on prickly stems
changed from delicate pink flowers
now carefully gathered to make jelly
enough to enjoy or lovingly give away

I am the bittersweet vine green with envy
forgotten near vibrant goldenrod
I am patient and strong and know
my branches will burst yellow then red
when summer flowers are gone

I am the milkweed pod on a stem
which once held tiny flowers
I cradle hundreds of feathery seeds
released by the wind, to grow next spring

I am sweet corn on stalks touching the sky
ready to harvest, even as daylight wanes
I glow with abundance and hope
I delight in the change I bring

I am August

Ellie Bates is a member of the M.V. Poets Collective, Cleaveland House Poets, and New England Poetry Club. She writes about nature in various nontraditional forms, as well as lyric, narrative, and haiku.

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