Real Estate Transactions: Week of August 17 – 21, 2020



August 17, Dan D. Levitt, trustee of Windward Passage Realty Trust, sold 61 Moshup Trail to Puddleby LLC for $1,480,000.

August 18, Jestina A. Held sold 11 Old Man Mingo Lane to Jeffrey Madison for $255,000.


August 17, Robert E. Perry, trustee of the Mary F. Perry Revocable Trust, sold 5 Gull Lane to Robert A. Ribeiro and Nilma G. Ribeiro for $825,000.

August 18, Godfrey C. Burns sold 9 Old Dunhams Corner Way to Robert Gianatasio, Sonia Marmo, and Elisa Marmo for $1,430,000.

August 20, Bradley Roy Jensen and Carolyn Jean Blackwood, trustees, and the Bradley Roy Jensen and Carolyn Jean Blackwood Family Trust, sold 16 Pent Lane to Leonard L. Lewin, trustee of Happy Place MV Realty Trust for $4,499,000.

August 21, Alison Shaw, trustee of Peter B. Van Tassel Trust, sold 119 South Water St. to Kathryn R. Ham, trustee of JKL Realty Trust, for $2,875,000.

August 21, Bruce M. Rubenstein and Sandra Rubenstein sold 59 Schoolhouse Road to Eva I. Doyle, trustee of Eva I. Doyle Trust Agreement, for $1,220,000.

August 21, Fiduciary Trust Co. International, Personal Representative of the estate of Agnes Neill Williams, sold 71 Davis Lane to Doherty Family Real Estate Management LLC for $5,600,000.


August 21, Maryann McIlduff sold 38 Tiffany Drive to Christopher S. Stam for $795,000.


August 17, MV Welding Corp. sold 149 Greenwood Ave. to Douglas R. Hoehn for $425,000.

August 19, William E. Brown, individually and as trustee of Linda G. Brown 2017 Trust, sold a portion of 161 Greenwood Ave. to Douglas R. Hoehn for $2,000.

August 21, Joyce C. Cooper sold Unit IV J, 14 Sandpiper Lane, to Richard B. Diamond and Batya Minsky Diamond for $1,295,000.

August 21, South Mountain Co. Inc. sold 248 Main St. to Mary Breslauer and Rebecca Haag for $745,000.


August 21, Elizabeth Braudis, trustee of Orca Remainder Nominee Trust, sold 83 Norton Farm Road to Charlotte C. Fallon and Robert D. Luskin for $3,785,000.