Building committee postpones, Dover Amendment moot

The Tisbury School Building Committee has postponed its August 31 meeting. — Rich Saltzberg

The Tisbury School Building Committee has postponed its weekly meeting scheduled for Aug. 31.

“The decision was made in view of the compressed schedule and workload of many of the [committee] members with the opening of school,” Christina Opper, a staffer for project manager Daedalus Projects, emailed The Times. “We anticipate that the next meeting will be scheduled for mid-September.”

At the last meeting on Aug. 24, the prospect of utilizing the Dover Amendment to bypass setback regulations vanished after architect Chris Blessen presented design changes that eliminated a previous setback encroachment. The committee has tentatively settled on a general design concept, but continues to review and deliberate floor plans and other aspects of the project. 

The Tisbury School Building Committee is tasked with recommending a renovation and addition project to replace the decaying Tisbury School. Earlier in the summer the potential price tag was revealed to be $56.7 million. A similar $46.6 million project that would have provided an entirely new school passed town meeting in 2018 but then lost at the ballot box by 21 votes. At that time the commonwealth was prepared to chip in $14.6 million to offset the cost of construction. It’s unclear what, if any, money the state will offer for the project now under consideration.