Chilmark BLM signs go missing, one is defaced in O.B.

Reward offered for information about vandalized sign.


A Black Lives Matter Sign in Oak Bluffs that was vandalized with red paint has been gaining significant attention after a photo of the sign was posted on Facebook.

The sign, which was placed up against a fence off Farm Pond Road, reads “Black Lives Matter,” but was written over in red with the words “Marxist, burn, loot, murder.”

Two Facebook posts of the signs have generated hundreds of comments of people condemning the vandalism.

“Proof that racism (and ignorance) is everywhere, even on the Island. We are living in a very ugly and shameful time of our history,” wrote Shaun McCarron.

Restaurateur J.B. Blau posted a photo of the sign and offered a $1,000 cash reward for info that leads to the arrest of the person responsible for defacing the sign. Several commenters wrote in support, and said they would contribute reward money.

“This happened out by State Beach area. This stops now,” Blau’s post reads in part.

Contacted on Wednesday, Oak Bluffs Police Lt. Timothy Williamson said the property owner had reported the vandalism after she saw the sign on social media.

On Saturday, Black Lives Matter signs were found missing from the traffic triangle at Beetlebung Corner in Chilmark, where protesters gather daily to raise awareness for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Chilmark Police were notified by selectman Warren Doty, according to Police Chief Jonathan Klaren. Klaren noted the Massachusetts Department of Transportation was contacted, and said the state agency did not remove the signs.

As of Tuesday, he said, he had no further information on the missing signs.