E.T. visits Oak Bluffs

A night at the drive-in was a perfect fit for a 5-year-old.


“E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” came to Oak Bluffs on August 28 as part of the YMCA drive-in series, done in partnership with the Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival. The 1982 blockbuster was projected onto a big screen hung on the Martha’s Vineyard Ice Arena. About 30 cars and trucks came for the film. Folks sat on beach chairs in the beds of their pickup trucks or behind their cars, many under blankets. Before the movie was shown, the Dock Dance Band paid tribute to the late Dennis daRosa before striking up tunes with Rose Guerin.

This reporter’s wife was sure our 5-year-old daughter wouldn’t make it through the whole movie without becoming tired or fidgety, and she wanted to ensure we had a spot we could drive out from easily when those conditions reared up. Our daughter Electra said she feared the movie would be too scary. We eventually got an easily vacated spot, but we didn’t need to make an escape. Electra remained enthralled beginning to end. As the credits rolled she said, “That wasn’t scary at all. I loved that movie.”