Oak Bluffs: Support for seniors

— Shelby Regan

“Oh, the splendor and the glory of that glad September day, When o’er the hills together we rode so far away.”  –From “Autumn Day” by Hattie Tyng Griswold, American poet (1840-1909). These lines sound very appealing right now, as this weather and month is my favorite, and the suggestion almost sounds like a vacation. The hummingbirds are still visiting throughout the day, along with goldfinches and many varieties of woodpeckers. Once in a while we are getting invaded by families of wild turkeys, but they are more tame than wild. The dog just ignores them, and the cat seems content to just stalk them, but is careful not to confront them at all. September brings new flowers as old ones fade away, but each day brings us some beauty and blessings.

My 18-month-old great-grandson Noah is recovering nicely with his mom in Boston after minor but successful surgery at Children’s Hospital. He has to remain there one more week, and then he will be able to return home here to keep us on our toes with his talents as an escape artist. We have been so blessed with all of the help offered and given by so many people to assist in caring for Noah’s two brothers and sister while their mom is off-Island. Bless all your hearts.

I spoke with Rose Cogliano recently, and she assured me that although the Oak Bluffs Council on Aging building is still closed to the public, staff members are still available to answer questions and assist anyone who needs help. If no one answers the phone, just leave a message, and someone will get back to you. Rose and other staff are looking forward to the time when you can all gather together in person and continue participating in all the activities the center offers.

Condolences to the family and friends of Dennis daRosa, who passed last week. He was a kind person who was always happy to assist customers in his store, and worked diligently in support of our town and the business community. But most of all he was a good friend to many, husband, father, and loving grandfather. We are so sorry.

Bob Dutton‘s death last week left his many friends saddened by this loss. Well-known as the theater manager at the M.V. Film Center and a playwright, this talented man will be so missed. We send condolences to his wife Molly Conole and all who loved him.

Congratulations to one of Oak Bluffs’ most popular couples: Penny and Manny deBettencourt will be celebrating 45 years of marriage on Sept. 6. They have three children, Adam, Lana, and Deanna, and a grandson, Ansel. We wish you continued happiness in the years ahead.

Nick Rivers and Melissa Kallager had planned their wedding for the past year, but, you guessed it, COVID-19 disrupted their well-organized plans, as it has for so many others. A small group of friends held a bridal shower for Melissa this past Sunday at her future sister-in-law Melanie Rivers’ home, bringing some cheer in these somewhat gloomy times. Their wedding will still take place in October as planned, but limited to 25 people. Happier times are coming.

Please keep being kind and helpful with one another. It works.

We send birthday smiles to Judy Cunnuffe on Sept. 5, Skylar Hall on the 6th, Holly Hawkes and Susan Phillips on the 7th, and Ryan Araujo on the 10th.

Enjoy your week. Peace.

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