Real Estate Transactions: August 24 – 28, 2020



August 25, Susanna Caldwell Linfield, trustee of Towhee Realty Trust, sold 79 Gosnold’s Way to Susanna Caldwell Linfield and David E. Linfield, trustees of Linfield Family Trust, for $401,440.


August 24, DualFlight LLC sold 179 Upper Main St. to Warrior Creek LLC for $3,850,000.

August 24, Carl D. Folta and Molly Lemeris sold 19 Robins Nest Road to Jonathan Jang Moore and Melissa Moore for $822,500.

August 24, Katama Point LLC sold 17 Katama Point Road to P&C Corgis LLC for $4,350,000.

August 25, Karen D. Burke, trustee of Williams Pent Lane Trust, sold 14 Pent Lane to Doherty Family Real Estate Management LLC for $2,900,000.

August 25, S. Christopher Scott, trustee of the David C. Thompson Revocable Trust, sold 33 Fuller St. to William J. Phelan and Patricia L. Phelan for $3,800,000.

August 26, Sandra E. Waller, trustee of the Revocable Indenture of Trust of Sandra E. Waller, sold 11 Bittersweet Lane to Daniel O’Donnell and Kristin O’Donnell for $1,760,000.

August 27, Richard Kaika Sr. and Constance T. Kaika, trustees of Kaika Nominee Trust, sold an undivided ½ interest in 20 Saddle Club Road to Thomas P Kaika for $250,000.

August 28, Michael Fuller sold 81 Martha’s Road to Gordon Paul Crunden Jr. and Dawn Marie Crunden for $799,000.


August 24, Arthur Brown Lee Jr. sold 52 Eastville Ave. to Edward Charter, trustee of Good Dog Trust, for $266,750.

August 24, Michael Frank Design LLC sold 6 Rogers Way to Reuben N. Dottin Jr. and Darlene White-Dottin, trustees of Dottin Family Realty Trust, for $1,100,000.

August 25, Steve Galloway and Shelley Metz-Galloway sold 33 Bayes Hill Road to Alan Auteri and Elizabeth Ann Auteri for $459,900.

August 25, William J. Callahan, trustee of William J. Callahan Realty Trust, sold 37 Olinda Ave. to Brian P. Callahan and Emily Callahan for $400,000.


August 25, R. Gil Kerlikowske, a.k.a. Richard Guilford Kerlikowske, and Anna T. Laszlo, trustees of the Ann T. Laszlo Revocable Trust and R. Gil Kerlikowske Revocable Trust, sold 113 West Spring St. to Leah H. Gurowitz for $875,000.

August 25, Keegan Begley and Justine Begley sold 33 Renear St. to Jacqueline Rose Foster for $665,000.


August 27, John Zach Barile and Vicky Barile sold 98 Vineyard Meadow Farms Road to Erik Peckar for $736,000.