Portuguese man-of-wars halt Long Point, Chappy, and South Beach swimming

The Portuguese man-o-war's tentacles pose a risk to swimmers and beachgoers. — Photo courtesy of PlanktonPortal

The Trustees of Reservations closed Long Point and its shoreline properties on Chappaquiddick to swimming on Sept. 2 because of the prevalence of Portuguese man-of-wars, according to Sam Hart, Trustees director of Nantucket and the Vineyard. Edgartown closed South Beach to swimming too, according to town administrator James Hagerty. The Trustees reopened its properties to swimming on Sept. 3, Hart said, with the proviso that swimmers remain alert and aware of their surroundings. Hagerty reported South Beach opened back up Sept. 4. 

Tugboat Capt. Randy Jardin told The Times he saw a significant number of Portuguese man-of-wars off West Chop Wednesday morning. 

The Portuguese man-of-war is a jellyfish-like creature able to deliver venomous stings.