Thankful for the community support


To the Editor:

Thank you to the community of Martha’s Vineyard, where we have operated Island Cove Adventures with our mini golf, rock wall, and grill for 28 years. 

We started out to build a mini golf, and found ourselves entranced by a business of memories made, then held in the hearts of families and friends from all walks of life. Is there anything more sacred, fleeting, yet enduring than shared time with loved ones?

We watched a microcosm of a generation grow up and had the joy of seeing the next join the whoops of laughter (or the wails of frustration). 

The succession of employees has left a stamp on our hearts. Where we gave much, they gave back — and then some. These young people hold our optimism for the future!

All of this could not have occurred without the sacrifice of our family and friends, especially our daughter Meghan and son Carl, who shared their growing-up years with co-workers who (if they weren’t family) became like family, and customers who became friends.

This community personifies the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Fortunately for us, members extended that wisdom to help us build our business and support our family as we did it. 

There are too many friends and colleagues to list individually. We feel confident that you know, and we will never forget. We will continue to pay it forward.

We wish the new owner, Brook Katzen, the very best as he creates his own brand of mini golf through the Cove Golf and Grill.

Mary and Ray Gosselin
Vineyard Haven