Are we doomed?


To the Editor:

Yesterday was Labor Day. A few of my friends and neighbors gathered in my yard to play music. It was fun. It was mellow. It was long overdue. These are tough times.

Several people came by to say “hi” and listen for a while. One person came by to complain. Strenuously. He called the police. They cruised passed a few times, but left without feeling obliged to speak with us. 

We are living through a significantly difficult period in history. And our motto? “We’re all in this together.” But I have to wonder: If we can’t tolerate the smell of our neighbor’s barbecue; the sound of hammers and saws of our neighbors building a barn; the laughter of the kids playing down the street; or perhaps a few people gathered to play music — then as a society and a culture, are we already doomed?

Rick Bausman