Island Alpaca welcomes newborn cria

The snowy-white newborn alpaca recently born at Island Alpaca will soon have a name chosen by her private owner. There are two other young alpacas at the farm who still need names. — Lucas Thors

There’s a new addition to the farm at Island Alpaca, after a cria (baby alpaca) was born on Wednesday. 

The snowy-white newborn is owned by a private owner, but she will stay on the alpaca farm and be cared for by knowledgeable and experienced staff. Since the cria is privately owned, the owners will soon choose her name.

And the newborn cria’s parents, father Castille and mother Kiwi, are at the farm to raise her and care for her as well. 

Two other young male alpacas are in need of name suggestions at Island Alpaca — one name that starts with an A and another that starts with an L. A clipboard is available in the rear of the farm, near the entrance to the gift shop, where folks can submit their clever, alpaca-themed names. One example of an A name from the list was Alpaco, so the bar is already set quite high.