Poet’s Corner


Fair Thee Well
By Christine G. Burke

No fair, no ferris wheel this year! Remember
the stomach turning shoot-the-shoot with the screaming children
hot dogs, funnel cakes, shoo fly pie, lemonade, cotton candy, soft ice cream,
Now the fair is all dark and silent, the stars shining on empty fields,
populated by roving gangs of turkeys
the summer nights grow long and the days short, the memories of fairs of
long ago
peopling my mind with visions of twinkling lights
and messy corn, trinkets galore, all to be had for a ribbon of tickets
you’re too short for that ride, he shouted, but I dashed past him and got on
foot long hotdogs with mustard and green green relish
we still find reasons to laugh
Toss the ball and try to hit the bull’s eye! Impossible, you say, and he hits
the target first crack.
Maybe we make our own fair, in our own yard, or in the caverns of our tiny
It was great to be a kid at the fair, wasn’t it?

Christine Burke lives year-round in Vineyard Haven with her husband, and across the street from their daughter and her family. She is thrilled to be part of several groups of excellent writers, including Poetry Drop-In with Donald Nitchie.

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