Use the bike path


To the Editor:

Sometimes I ask myself, Why does Martha’s Vineyard even have a bike path? As bikers race down the Edgartown–West Tisbury Road, it seems they have no idea that there is a parallel path specifically made for them. This path was created for bike safety and the safety of the people in the cars. Do we expect a few racers on the road who are training? Of course! But the majority of the bikers who are your everyday, average biker should not be on the road. Even “expert” bikers should be using the bike path unless training. 

This summer it seemed there was an excess amount of bike riding on the road. I saw families, peloton racers, kids, and adults cruising along the road as if there were no path sitting six feet to their right. Riding on the road backs up traffic, causes cars to veer into opposing traffic and lanes, and can test even the best driver’s skills. Constantly dodging the bikes this summer became an art form. 

I recently read that the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital treats more than 100 bike accidents each summer. Would this number go down if the bikers made more use of the path? I love to bike and I love to see people enjoying a bike ride, but let’s keep us all safe. With nearly 40 miles of bike path on the Island, there is room for everyone!

Holly Linton