More bike paths needed

To the Editor:

Regarding Holly Linton’s letter, “Use the Bike Path” (Sept. 17), I agree that for the safety of all of us, bikers should use the bike path, not the roads. I have heard serious Vineyard bikers disparage the bike path as full of slow bikers and walkers, making it too difficult for the serious bikers to enjoy their rides. But biking on our roads is just plain dangerous (see Op-Ed by John Merrow, Sept. 17).

While no one wants to deprive the fast bikers of their recreation, there are a couple of ways to make biking safer for all of us. One would be to extend our system of bike paths so all are less crowded. Our roads are far too narrow for bike lanes on existing roads. We need full bike paths outside the State Forest between West Tisbury and Vineyard Haven, and up through Chilmark to Menemsha and Aquinnah.

Is anyone on-Island leading an effort at present to create more bike paths? I would expect the serious bikers to be leading the charge, yet I never hear much about it.


Susan Feller

West Tisbury