Real Estate Transactions: Week of Sept. 14 – 19, 2020


Sept. 15, Allen Razdow and Darrel Razdow, a.k.a. Darrell Razdow, sold 23 Oxcart Road to Stig Leschly for $1,700,000.


Sept. 17, Sung Yoo Hait, trustee of the William N. Hait 2012 Family Trust, sold 13 Deer Path Lane to Kathi L. Hartman, trustee of the Creamer Family Nominee Trust, for $2,300,000.


Sept. 15, Maureen P. Johnson and Rudolph L. Johnson Jr. sold 21 Vickers St. to Bernhard Klein Wassink and Stephanie Klein Wassink for $1,335,000.

Sept. 18, Geoffrey Caraboolad, trustee of Pennywise Trust, sold 9 Field Club Drive to Anthony Folger and Lisa Folger for $1,950,000.


Sept. 14, Jesse B. Law, trustee of the Law Family Realty Trust-2000 sold 102 Pond View Drive to Paulo Muniz and Adriana De Oliveira Khouri for $722,000.

Sept. 15, Richard S. Dubin and Lee M. Dubin sold 24 Paddock Road to Metal View Shore LLC for $1,970,000.

Sept. 15, Helen P. Maciolek and Keith A. Maciolek sold 13 Shirley Ave. to Lora Gross-Kostka and Frank Ernest Kostka Jr. for $684,000.

Sept. 16, Jifi Pavelka and Zaneta Pavelkova sold 74 Columbian Ave. to Denise W. Materre for $680,000.

Sept. 18, Donna Parham and Michael Le Blanc, Personal Representatives of the estate of Joseph G. Parham Jr., a.k.a. Joseph G. Parham, sold 225 East Chop Drive to Rae Manson Carter and Joseph C. Carter for $2,300,000.

Sept. 18, Jose Carlos Ribeiro and Valtiza Borges Ribeiro sold 86 Pond View Drive to Paul M. Zukowsky, trustee of 86 Pond View Realty Trust, for $2,300,000. 


Sept. 15, G. Kelvin White and Katherine W. White sold 455 Herring Creek Road to Steven W. Atwood and Sandra B. Atwood, trustees of Atwood Realty Trust, for $1,850,000.

Sept. 16, Joseph William Dias, individually and as trustee of the estate of William J. Dias Jr. and the WJD Realty Trust, sold 54 Snake Hollow to Adriano M. Vargas and Clesiane O. G. Vargas for $555,000.

Sept. 17, Harvey C. Knowles III, trustee of the Jean G. McIntosh Revocable Trust, sold 40 Grove Ave. to Anne Luzzatto, trustee of the Anne Luzzatto Revocable Trust, for $2,100,000.

Sept. 18, Gerald R. Moore, a.k.a. Gerald B. Moore, and Mary Jo Moore sold Unit 11, 60 Beach Road, to Timothy J. Harrington and Melissa A. Harrington for $135,000.

Sept. 18, Private Trust Co Na, trustee of the Anne L. Gardner Family Trust, sold 122 Head of the Pond Road to Mylen Holdings LLC for $1,250,000.

Sept. 18, John P. Ollen sold 14 Cottage St. to Sherry-Gay J. Steele and Shernan R. Bowlin, trustees of the SRAB & SJS Revocable Realty Trust, for $560,000. 


Sept. 14, Beverly A. Mazza and Michael J. Mazza, trustees of the Mazza Realty Trust, sold 566 Old County Road to 16 South Abels Hill Road LLC for $1,875,000.

Sept. 15, Steven W. Atwood and Sandra B. Atwood, individually and as trustees of the Atwood Realty Trust, sold 157 Ben Chase Road to Catherine Francesca Kelly for $1,215,000.

Sept. 15, Kristine A. McDonald, n.k.a. Kristine A. McDonald Jampel, trustee of Checamo Path Realty Trust, sold 65 Trotters Lane to Valtiza B. Ribeiro and Jose Carlos Ribeiro for $2,100,000.

Sept. 16, James Murray and Fran Murray sold 131 Indian Hill Road to Trevor McCarthy and William McCarthy for $1,600,000.

Sept. 17, Lurent Hubert sold 14 Yellow Brick Road to Linda Thompson for $482,500.

Sept. 17, Guy Angiuoni, Jr. sold 83 Pin Oak Circle to David A. Bryant and Paige S. Bryant for $721,000.

Sept. 18, Vovere Hessen, trustee of Dangoule M. Gabis Irrevocable Trust sold 363 Lamberts Cove Road to Keira A. Chassman for $735,000.

Sept. 18, Marsha Feinberg sold 39 Runner Road to Charles Cassimer Luskin for $1,065,000.