Edgartown: Tom Dresser book talks

— Shelby Regan

Today was an absolutely glorious day. The sun was shining bright, the sky was a cerulean blue that artists dream about, the temperatures were divine, and the beach was empty. Granted, thanks to my friend JJ, I was on a private gated beach up-Island and not my usual beach, but still. Empty is pure magic. I brought my dog Foster, who has not had the opportunity to run in the couple of months I’ve had him and he ran with joy for several hours, playing in waves and enjoying the sand. And of course, JJ and I jumped in because it was just too amazing to pass up. It was simply magical. My heart is most grateful and I will think of this day fondly come February.

Speaking of my friend JJ, she is JJ Gonson, a woman of many talents with a fascinating history. She is a photographer and chef and is also a rare female owner of an independent music venue, ONCE Somerville. The club is, of course, closed and suffering through the pandemic, which is devastating, though they are doing many virtual shows to try to keep things going and share the experience of music. She also is part of an amazing project, a book of her photographs, many never before published, of musician Elliott Smith along with a 25th anniversary release of his album “Elliott Smith.” I was not familiar with Smith until JJ introduced me when the book came out. The book is gorgeous and I’m most lucky to have obtained my copy today. If you were an Elliott Smith fan, or perhaps even a JJ fan back in the days when she was living here, you’ll want this book. A true labor of love. You can order it through her website JJ Gonson Photography.

Happy birthday wishes this week go out to my niece, Abigail Gardner, on Oct. 6. Abby is a manager at the Hob Knob Inn in Edgartown. As a little girl she always wanted to live on “Buzzy’s Island” and a few years ago, she made it happen. I love having her around and look forward to her life slowing down a little bit after a very busy summer so we can catch up a bit. This year, her mom, Connie, and her sister Gwen surprised her by showing up unannounced for a few days to visit. Abby was over the moon happy, as she’s been missing her family of origin during the pandemic and a very busy summer at the inn.

Other birthdays this week are Kathy Verner on Oct. 5, and my cousin Maddie Kelley on Oct. 9. And while we’re celebrating, happy anniversary to Rebecca Mayhew and Mike Mayhew, who celebrated 24 years of marriage on Oct. 5.

Tom Dresser has scheduled Zoom book talks and Zoom ghost walks to entice readers into other-worldly scenarios that await and buy his book, “Ghosts of Martha’s Vineyard.” Contact any local Vineyard library for the link to a Zoom book talk to entertain and amuse, without frightening you. The schedule is as follows: Oct. 14, West Tisbury library, 4:30 pm; Oct. 15, Oak Bluffs library, virtual walk, 2 pm; Oct. 17, Edgartown Books, virtual walk, Oct. 21, WISE, 1 pm; Oct. 27, Anchors, 10 am; Oct. 27, Aquinnah library, 5 pm; Oct. 29, The Point, WCAI, 9 am; Oct. 29, MV Center for Living, 11 am; Oct. 29, Vineyard Haven library, 5:30 pm; Oct. 31, the Carnegie, 3 pm, and Oct. 31, Chilmark library, 6 pm. I just picked up the book myself this weekend. It looks great.

Have you gone by the Katama Airfield to see how things look without the old hangar? I can’t even imagine. Oh, the hours we spent down there when Riley was just a baby until he was maybe 7 or 8 years old. All he wanted to do was hang around the airport, the bi-plane and of course, Mike Creato, one of his very favorite peeps. I’ll have to do a drive by and see how things look now that the old hangar is down.

Just a reminder that hunting season starts this week, with bow season starting first on Oct. 5, followed by shotgun season and primitive arms all the way through Dec. 31. Make sure if you go out near the woods and paths to wear some orange and put something bright on your four-legged friends too. The way 2020 has been going, maybe we should double up.

I find myself exhausted most of the time these days. How about you? I’m not sure if it is my age, fibromyalgia, post septic shock syndrome, or just life. I know many people are feeling this way these days. Remember you aren’t alone. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, be sure to reach out for support. Talk to a friend or a family member. Call a doctor. Go to a support group. We are all in this together. As we continue to face the pandemic and life as we’ve come to know it, be kind to one another. Smile under that mask. Say hello to people when you pass each other. Let each other out in traffic. And be patient. Have faith that everyone is doing the very best they can at any given moment. It helps them and it helps you. We can do hard things.

Have a great week and enjoy your long weekend.

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