Real Estate Transactions: Sept. 28 – Oct. 2, 2020


Sept. 30, Kenneth Grantland and Jonette Watkins Christian, trustees of the Jonette Watkins Christian Revocable Trust, sold 96 Hammett Lane to Beverly A. Mazza and Michael J. Mazza for $572,000.


Sept. 28, Michael J. McNally, trustee of 97 Slough Cove Road Realty Trust, sold 97 Slough Cove Road to Sharon D. Malone and Eric H. Holder Jr. for $2,750,000.

Sept. 28, Ronald C. Karako and Linda M. Karako sold 9 Pease’s Point Road to Kimberly Saxton for $2,100,000.

Sept. 28, Geoffrey G. Jervis sold 10 Norton St. to Sarah Bryant Cetrulo, trustee of the Erik J. Cetrulo 2012 Family Trust, for $4,250,000.

Sept. 28, 38 Morse Street LLC sold 38 Morse St. to David W. Rommel and Patricia A. Rommel for $6,875,000.

Sept. 28, Dante A. Calamare sold 66 Fourteenth St. South to Kayla M. Montambault and Benjamin R. Hopkins for $549,000.

Sept. 30, Jeffrey L. Shelton, trustee of Jeffrey L. Shelton Revocable Trust, and Raymond A. Rubin, trustee of Raymond A. Rubin Revocable Trust, sold 5 Plains Head Lane to Leslie Topham, trustee of Hundred Acre Wood Trust, for $1,640,000.

Sept. 30, J. Douglas Killgore and Carolyn M. Killgore sold Unit 34-F, 15 Mill St., to Jay Crabtree for $164,000.

Sept. 30, MV35 LLC sold 26 Simpsons Lane to Thomas J. Goeke and Lucy H. Goeke for $3,575,000.

Sept. 30, Michael D. Grenert and Susan S. Grenert sold 55 King Point Way to Richard S. Dubin, trustee of 55 King Point Way Realty Trust, for $5,495,000.

Oct. 1, Flomar Corp. sold 82 Turkeyland Cove Road to Deborah A. Levin and Steven L. Levin for $4,125,000.

Oct. 1, Andrew C. Schmidt and Stephanie L. Truesdell sold Unit 9, 20 Pease’s Point Way, to Jill Cohen for $160,000.

Oct. 2, Debra Lynn Sousa Yapp, trustee of Robins Nest Road Realty Trust, sold 1 Robins Nest Road to Jose Carlos Ribeiro and Valtiza Borges Ribeiro for $699,000.

Oct. 2, Cynthia L. Cavanaro and William J. Cavanaro sold 20 Oliver St. to Jonathan Greenglass and Patrice Greenglass for $2,400,000.

Oct. 2, Amy Holbrook, trustee of Amy Holbrook 2012 Irrevocable Trust, John Holbrook, trustee of John Holbrook 2012 Irrevocable Trust, and Megan Holbrook, trustee of Megan Holbrook 2012 Irrevocable Trust, sold 9 Old Wintucket Way to Ramin Farzaneh-Far and Laura Tarter for $2,349,000.

Oct. 2, Kenneth Topping and Patricia Topping sold 51 Old Purchase Road to Bravington LLC for $1,050,000.

Oct. 2, Kenneth A. Topping and Patricia Topping sold 4 Whistling Swan Circle to Corey K. Smith and Allison E. Smith for $1,200,000.

Oct. 2, PS Kelley House LLC sold 55 North Water St., 24 Kelley St., 6 Kelley St., 30 Winter St. and 51 North Water St. to 23 Kelley Street LLC for $19,640,000.


Sept. 29, Preserve at the Woodlands LLC sold 36 Paddock Road to Yolonda Baker Marshall and Meredith Marshall for $600,000.

Sept. 30, Preserve at the Woodlands LLC sold 40 Paddock Road to Adam Cummings and Janet Cummings for $600,000.


Sept. 29, Lenjo Family LLC sold 19-25 Beach Road to Vineyard Beach LLC for $3,200,000.

Sept. 29, Joseph Corbo sold 14 Pine St. and Amelia’s Crossing to Omer F. Brown II and Sandra J. Cannon-Brown for $2,550,000.

Sept. 30, Alan P. Bresnick and Ellen R. Bresnick sold 22 Hatch Road to 22 Hatch Road LLC for $2,400,000.

Sept. 30, Thomas J. Kowalski sold 294 Greenwood Ave. to David K. Chomas and Natasha B. Chomas, trustees of the Chomas Family Trust, for $825,000.

Sept. 30, John Hogan, trustee of Palombo Ten Realty Trust, sold 61 Mayflower Lane to Ross Yustein and Julie Margolis for $955,000.

Sept. 30, Mary E. Ives and Norman K. Ives sold 94 Midland Ave. to Kathryn B. Patterson for $761,000.

Sept. 30, Peter A. Goodman sold 15 Mitchell Road to Richard Dickason and Jean Dickason for $2,450,000.

Oct. 1, Robert C. Andrade, Personal Representative of the estate of Richard J. Andrade Sr., a.k.a. Richard J. Andrade, sold 23 Authier Ave. to Brian Purdy for $627,500.

Oct. 1, Kenneth K. Bosselman sold 70 West Tashmoo Ave. to Seth Williams and Amy Simicik, trustees of Oriental Avenue Revocable Trust, for $475,000.

Oct. 2, Kendrick Brede and Debra K. Brede, trustees of Brede Family Realty Trust sold 155 Skiff Ave. to Charles P. Martino and Naomi Martino for $900,000.

Oct. 2, Emma Jean Lee and Jourdan James Monroe Lee sold 94 Paula Ave. to Renya S. Parnes and Judith S. Parnes for $660,000.


Sept. 28, Dwight Law, trustee of Dennis Dwight Law Trust, sold 68 Stone Bridge Road to Benjamin Travis Wood for $795,000.

Sept. 29., Frederick M. Daley III, Patrick T. Daley, and Kelly A. Barringer sold 41 Naushon Road to Carolyn Zacarian and David Poldoian for $3,950,000.

Sept. 30, Mark A. Funari sold 192 Vineyard Meadow Farms Road to Melanie Vento and Gilber Paniora Salinas for $725,000.

Sept. 30, Steven W. Atwood and Sandra B. Atwood, trustees of Atwood Realty Trust, sold 145 Ben Chase Road to Fort LLC for $775,000.

Sept. 30, Gregory B. Carroll and Eve C. Carroll, f.k.a. Eve C. Domont, trustees of the GEC Realty Trust, sold Lot 3, 690 Old County Road, to Michael Franken and Alicia Towns for $570,000.

Oct. 2, David H. Martin and Diane D. Martin, trustees of David & Diane Martin Living Trust, sold 4 South Vine Lane to Jonathan Reifler and Kara Popowich for $1,595,000.