Motorcycle and SUV collide in Tisbury

Debris from the crash remained near the scene Saturday morning. - Rich Saltzberg

Updated Oct. 14

A motorcyclist and a motorist in a Honda Fit collided in Tisbury Friday night at the intersection of Pine Tree and State Roads. Tisbury Fire, EMS, and Police responded to the scene shortly before 8 pm, according to a police report. The motorcyclist was briefly trapped beneath the Honda, a report states. 

A police report indicates the accident was triggered by misinterpretations of who was turning and when they were turning, and eventually this caused the motorcyclist to lock up his brakes and slide toward the Honda. 

Tisbury Deputy Fire Chief Patrick Rolston said the Tisbury Fire Department responded with a rescue truck and a hazmat truck. He said the motorcyclist was taken to Martha’s Vineyard Hospital by ambulance. He described the Honda as undrivable following the crash. 

Tisbury Police identified the motorcyclist as Spenser Delangavant-Sahir. Delangavant-Sahir was later cited for operating on a learner’s permit between sunset and sunrise. 

The day was busy for Tisbury firefighters. Many hours earlier, the department responded to a brush fire near a residence. The fire wasn’t large, but came within six or seven feet of a propane tank, according to Tisbury Fire Chief Greg Leland. The call came in at about 1:20 am. Neighbors called in the fire, Leland said. The people who owned the tank were asleep at the time. Firefighters were able to snuff the fire before it could get to the tank. Had the neighbors not called or firefighters not extinguished the flames so quickly, “that could have been a very different situation,” Leland said. 

Updated with new police information and to correct the time of the accident and the type of one of the vehicles involved in the accident.