Climate Solutions: The easiest switch to make … get your electricity from a renewable source

— M.V. Times

One of the simplest ways to help with the goal of a 100% Renewable MV by 2040 is to join the Cape Light Compact’s Local Green.

You may not be ready to install solar at your house but by joining, you can get electricity generated by solar panels.

Your electrical bill has two parts: Eversource is your distributor of power;  you have a choice for power supply. Much of that electricity supply is being generated from natural gas. The process of extracting natural gas — fracking — releases large amounts of methane into the atmosphere. Methane is the most harmful heat-trapping greenhouse gas.

You can make a difference by switching your power supply to a local, renewable source. Go to call 1-800-381-9192 to enroll in CLC Local Green 100 (or 50).

An Edey Foundation grant supports this effort. Visit