Edgartown: School plans taking shape

— MV Times

I’m shocked that we find ourselves in the middle of October already. Life is flying by so fast. I’m not really complaining, given how challenging 2020 has been, but at the same time, I prefer a slower pace to life. And a little less “Groundhog Day” movie. I feel like I get up and do the same thing every day. The weekends mix it up a little bit, but what I wouldn’t do for a reprieve from the pressures and worries we’re all experiencing these days. Don’t get me wrong. I’m grateful for all the good, and I consciously look for the good in every day, but I wouldn’t mind having all this COVID-19 pandemic and election stress behind us.

It was a weekend for engagements and weddings, based on Facebook. I haven’t received official notifications to share, but saw lots of pictures and joyful faces over the past few days. It’s so wonderful that life goes on and happiness doesn’t blink. Congratulations to Lindsey Mercier Welch and Andrew Welch, who got married in a lovely ceremony on Chappy on Oct. 10, Melissa Kanavel and John Petrosinelli, who celebrated live in person and via Zoom. And congratulations also to Amanda Sullivan Bettencourt and Greg Bettencourt, who also celebrated their nuptials this weekend. My best to all! Much health and happiness in the years to come.

Tom Dresser’s book talk for “Ghosts of Martha’s Vineyard” via Zoom was cut short last week by the winds, as power went out. Finally we find Zoom’s kryptonite — electricity! But he has set up new ones. Sign up for Zoom programs next week as follows: Oak Bluffs library (ccooney@clams.net) virtual cemetery tour Thursday, Oct. 15, at 2 pm; Edgartown Books (facebook.com/edgartownbooks/videos/?ref=page_internal) ghost tour of Edgartown, Saturday, Oct. 17, at 7 pm. (Hopefully all programs will proceed without spectral interruption.) Additional virtual talks and walks are posted on the promotions page of thomasdresser.com.

A couple more grades will be joining us in person in school this week, as second and third grades head in for the first time. By the time you all read this, we will be a couple of days in, but just so the public knows, drop-off for these kids will happen in the back of the building on Robert’s Way. So if you usually travel between West Tisbury Road and Pease’s Point Way via Robert’s Way around 9 am or 1:30 pm, you might want to go a different way. Adults dropping kids should check out the video and directions at edgartownschool.org.

I have to note my surprise at the All-Island School Committee scrapping plans for an Islandwide testing program for students and staff at the Island schools. I regret arriving late to the meeting, as I don’t know the rationale behind it. I do know that most of the staff was supportive of the plan as one more method to keep the Island safe, so I don’t know what sidetracked it. I’m grateful to Dr. Zack for trying to get the program up and running. I guess they plan to look into other options, but that will take some time, I expect. I’ll be doing some research this week about why they scrapped the plan. Stay tuned for more details to come.

Just a reminder to anyone voting by mail or drop off: Make sure you put your PHYSICAL ADDRESS on your early ballot AND envelope; P.O. Boxes will nullify your ballot. Only ballots with physical addresses on the ballot and the envelope will be counted. Already dropped yours off? Call your town clerk to see what options you have to make sure your vote counts.

That’s about all this week. Slow news week, but a busy weekend! Things are quieting down around these parts today. Less foot traffic around the house. I did my chores over the weekend so today could be a “free” day. I spent it wisely thus far by sleeping in late and relaxing. Here’s to many more weekends of nice weather and relaxation ahead. Have a great week.

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