Real Estate Transactions: Oct. 5 – 9, 2020



Oct. 5, Pamela M. Dolby, personal representative of the estate of Florence A. Morgan, sold 43 North St. to Minah Worley for $1,265,000.

Oct. 5, Bettina D. Pollock, trustee of Bettina Pollock Revocable Living Trust, sold 24 South Roger Road to Mario Damato and Angela Rothemich for $956,000.

Oct. 7, James W. Buckham and Eileen J. Buckham, trustees of the James W. Buckham Living Trust, sold 3 Meetinghouse Circle to Yi-Meng Yen and Katharine Yen for $1,450,000.

Oct. 7, Timothy M. Bowe and Elaine F. Bowe sold 14 Thaxter Lane to Katharine Weymouth for $1,575,000.

Oct. 8, Paul M. De Wolf, trustee of the De Wolf Family Irrevocable Trust Agreement, sold 20 Kent Harbor Road to Peter Blommer and Ellen Blommer for $1,650,000.

Oct. 9, Marilyn E. Bailey sold Unit 26, 15 Mill St., to Yvonne M. Turchetti and Marie C. Hull for $130,025.


Oct. 5, Sandra L. Blythe, trustee of Blythe Family Realty Trust, sold 68 Vineyard Ave. to Dante Calamare and Mallory Calamare for $660,000.

Oct. 7, Francis H. Brunelle, trustee of the Brunelle family trust, sold Unit 3, 37 Circuit Ave., to Joseph G. Sova and Victoria B. Sova, trustees of JMV Realty Trust for $282,000.

Oct. 9, Guy Carrieri, a.k.a.Gaetano Joseph Carrieri, sold 238 County Road to Gabriel J. Carrieri and Lisa Carrieri for $125,000. 


Oct. 5, Michael J. Hickey and Robert F. Hickey sold 111 Tashmoo Ave. to Charles C. Snow and Allyson E. Snow for $600,000.

Oct. 6, Marc P. Burrell, Jackie Burrell, and Jacquelyn Burrell sold Unit IVC, 209 Cove Road, to Charles T. Felder for $978,00.

Oct. 9, Jean Emma Wunsch, f.k.a. Jean W. Berg, sold 77 Colonial Drive to Christopher P. West and Laura C. Petell for $639,000.


Oct. 9, Kathleen Burns and William Burns sold 108 Charles Neck Road to Albert K. Lau for $679,000.